2016 Lincoln Continental – First Look

Lincoln has been a drift for years trapped in product doldrums, but the brand’s all-new continental model which was showcased at the New York Auto Show earlier this year, is expected to put some much needed momentum back in this brand’s sales.

This all new full sized sedan is expected to be launched next year; for the most part it looks complete with a body that is subtle and fresh. However the front end of the car does remind you of the Bentley. The car rolls on gorgeous 21 inch wheels and looks ravishing in an arresting shade of blue called the ‘Rhapsody Blue’.

It’s the interior where the action is really at, much of it is trimmed in Venetian leather and the instrument cluster is trimmed in rose gold. One of the car’s most intriguing feature is the seats which actually adjusts in 30 different ways, can you imagine? Leg room in the back is spacious plus there’s a fold out tray table and a cubby that you can store champagnes in. Moreover special briefcases are attached to the seat backs which give the car a unique flair.

Power will be provided by a Lincoln exclusive 3 litre Eco-Boost V6 and the power figures are yet to be released.

Only time will tell that whether this car will boost up the Lincoln’s sale and set all new benchmarks of luxury. But one thing is for sure it looks nothing short of opulence.

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