Say Good Bye to Veyron with The Bugatti Veyron Gran Sport Vitesse La Finale

It has been a decade since Bugatti first gave us Veyron and Oh! How times have changed.  Back then the thought of the car cracking 1000 horsepower was enough to tingle up your spine. The w 16 engine with 4 turbo-chargers were definitely out of the box thinking.  It’s now about time for Bugatti to do exactly the same, because as the name suggests this will be the last Veyron Bugatti will ever build.

Let us just quickly go through the dramatic timeline of the Veyron. When it was first produced it gave 1001 horsepower, but by 2010 that number was beginning to get a little bit stale and Bugatti introduced the super sport that made 1200 horsepower. After that the company introduced a series of special edition models including the legends addition that you have been reading about for past several years. The Bugatti has decided to put the curtains down on the Veyron stage, and even if this car won’t be the fastest on the streets, every car lover would surely miss this legend and feel sad on its production coming to halt.

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