What’s new in the 2016 Ford Focus RS

One thing is for sure that this car is far more stylish than its predecessor. It is smarter upfront, has new headlight design and at the backside has sleek gross black pillars. The car also boasts about many safety credentials, but the best part is that it’s bigger than the outgoing model. The legroom has definitely increased; headroom is better than the previous version even though the 2015 model is lower compared to the previous car.

The boot capacity has increased considerably, and the seats go absolutely flat to create a wider storage area. The cabin also looks pretty good with dual toned trims on the dashboard which give it a much more grown up look. There’s also a new mounting point on the dash for smart phones and you can use it as a SAT NAV.

The 1.2 litre petrol engine craves for more power on the highway, therefore it is advised to you that if you need a petrol i20 anyway, than you must wait until the Hyundai launches 3 cylinder turbo-charged engine.

The car is impressively quite and the overall handling is good. Moreover it is very composed around the corners and the suspension is decent enough compared to its competition, which will soak up the odd potholes on the way.

If you go for the S.E trim level than you get a lot of convenience technologies such as A.C, Rear parking mirrors and i-pod connectivity.

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